lay back in the sun



twas indeed an interesting day. xiuling the extraordinary and dini gave me a cool elvis matchbox. and some shells. and postcards. and many many funky colored boxes. they're the best. finally bought myself the rickie lee jones album ive been eying for ages. listening to it now- delightful. and a mojo punk compi (it's never dead innit?). rained somemore as well, which led me to more rain snaps. met up with sam, rat and wai to watch the worst short film screening ever- the aussie one. haha ok it wasnt thaaat bad but some ideas were pretty lame (2 films on matchboxes/ matchsticks- hmm it seems to be a matchbox day. some rather hilarious though.

more rain snaps- blurry traffic light
psychedelic ratnor on 15sec! shutter
blazing traffic