lay back in the sun


jellyfish reflector + 7 more

what? no photo again? there are lots but i'm just lazy to put them up. heh. well, dropped by at tower records today to see if the stock for blur's new single has arrived (yes it has) cos last week hmv didnt have it (now they do), but as usual, i ended up not buying what i set out to get. walked in with my mind set to buy the blur single and any mary chain album (preferably psychocandy), but got whammed by the TOWER SALE!

original shopping list:
blur- out of time
j&m chain- psychocandy or any others
spacemen 3- any album.

what i really got:
supernaturals- it doesn't matter anymore
del tha funkee homosapien- i wish my brother george was here
six by seven- two and a half days in love with you
scott 4- works project lp
guided by voices- jellyfish reflector
blur- music is my radar (single pt 2)
juliana hartfield- juliana's pony: total system failure
pink floyd- piper at the gates of dawn (yes yes im a big syd barrett fan)

this was achieved after 2 hours of flipping through cd after cd and forcing myself to let go other albums by the mary chain, lambchop, tim buckley, lemonheads and the blur single i've been waiting so long for (only 1 lousy b-side!!!).

ah i feel better now.