lay back in the sun



after the past week of business and intensive editing, brain-wreaking effort and sleepless nights, we've finally completed our final cut for refugee. been amazing working with rat and sam- rat's incredibly focused and sam's incredible with the editing and timing. neat. managed to use most of brian's band, my dark star's music for the soundtrack- and the mix turned out pretty well. also used rat's drummer, sharan's material- a good blend of ideas. the film's certainly hasn't turned out vaguely like how i expected it, but i'm proud of what we've been able to achieve. we might even stand a chance for the film fest. just crossing fingers now.

now, i'm just exhausted. its been a strange day, straying into the wrong outram park mrt, snubbing someone elses fag by mistake, and witnessing a deranged man scare the shite out of some schoolgirl by telling her how she could be hanged for using a farecard and how if she doesnt apologize, the funds would never arrive (yes, i'm just as clueless). my head hurts, my eyes hurt, and i feel wasted. didn't meet up with bv and az tonite, and feel really bad about it, ruining az's first day after exams. hope they're aint too pissed, but they probably are and i guess i understand how it feels. hope you guys are fine about my shite. i know i shouldnt be made to feel guilty about things that i do, but everyone hates being stood up. its the worst thing that you could do to anyone. apart from maybe pass on herpes. genite y'all.