lay back in the sun



yes, i'm still craving for pavement even though they've split fifty decades ago but malkmus just had to start performing those pavement songs again together with the jicks. i'm sore (but not as sore when they released their deluxe version of s+e when i already own the original version). huh? oh yeah hi, just realised it's been quite a while since i last said anything so i'd better start before you all start boycotting this fine blog (i take it that no one had boycotted it yet, and its quite a fine assumption to make cos anyones who's got the nerve to boycott good dope good fun probably won't be reading this anyway, so what the hell am i talking about. if i go on like this, i'd really have a boycott in the making).

i've been busying myself with lo fi black and white posters (been reading too much bendis) for brian morgan. yes, brian morgan, the artistic vanguard that proclaims aesthetic freedom of expression (otherwise known as the band that has yet to be formed). why black and white (i'd love to say its a tribute to bendis, but i'm really just lazy to put any thought at all to color coordination and the rest of that nonsense). why lo fi (i'd love to say as a tribute to all the lo fi bands i love, but yet again, i'm a slob). so why the posters in the first place (as brian of brian morgan puts it, its called fake publicity). what the heck, here's the first one i've done anyway.