lay back in the sun



one hour left to the end of the most fantastic day ever, and i'd better write it down before it slips away-ay-ay. was minding my own business watching children of heaven (yes, that iranian show) when my handphone rang. *idiot* i ignored it, wanting to complete my show first, but the idiot phone rang again- and boy was i glad i answered it this time. ken, the organiser of the starlight cinema short film fest called!!! he asked me how i was and i mumbled something like oh fine great- and then he dropped the news on me like a dinosauric donut. we got selected as one of the 8 finalists for the film fest! it took some time for reality to set in, and then i called up rat and sam. rat was ecstatic. sam was sleeping. haha then sam realised what had happened and called me. and then sam was ecstatic. i was still shellshocked. amazing how an otherwise lacklustre opening of the week transformed itself and emerged as one of the highlights of my life.

the place to be: fort canning
the date: 22 jun
time: 7pm
cost: nothing at all! admission is free, baby, so no excuses for not coming
film to vote for as public favourite: REFUGEE

am so glad our effort paid off. will just keep our fingers crossed. for me, im just savoring the last few moments of this magical day, with hail to the thief twirling in the background and my head spinning counterclockwise.