lay back in the sun



whoa. today was electrifying- the feeling of watching your own film screened in front of hundreds of people is uncomparable. thanks to every one of you who turned up to support- every one of you- bhav, azri, den, daph, mel, adrian, steve, vinz, gen, joe, daniel, angie, jeremy, xiuling, wanlin, yaochong, yaosheng, hsia ling, karen, eric, chris, weikang, josh, grace, kairen, clem, brian (and my dark star, thom, haiks), june, ailing, siewlin, lydia, junjie, yongli, leona, layna, chee lip, ivan, liang ting, benny, ja-son and jean, lynyi, kaejack, (thanks for calling, yilan), peien, ben & serena, chet and leeanne, aunt susan, and mom and dad even though you've watched the show already(i hope i didnt leave anyone out)- your presence was more important than any prize that could have been won. and of course rat and sam- here's to many more films to come.