lay back in the sun



if for a fraction of our lives we bothered to stop and just record everything we were feeling at that very moment, we'd learn so much more about ourselves. if not, its good anyway to have it down on camera, and here's some snaps that tell a little story of what i've been up to the last 2 days- quite a bit really, which sorta explains why i'm even bothering posting what i did.

in some particular order, these pictures show:
-the ngee ann control room- the studio setting up before the interview- me and royston tan after the interview- me several hours later feeling happy about my heineken hat- all of us at the amazing womad- me and my models JIMMY! and sue-anne chillin at womad- beks and the aftermath of an ill-fated pie- our 2 pastors taking the stage at our church carnival- and joshua thinking he can top my heiny hat.

what you didnt see in the photos:
-bumping into a very zombie-like angie- sleeping very soundly at womad- lugging a heiny directors chair home- being a total nuisance by pointing out a discrepancy in my tutor's notes- eating my favorite pork rib noodles- helping my cell doodes at our gun down goliath games stall- standing in deejaying for the yuenster at the carnival and slipping in frank sinatra.